Shoppers in 4.0 era: “Yes, all I need is CONVENIENCE”

The potentiality of E-commerce still on a “strong growth trajectory”, as it allows us visiting every store on earth without setting foot outside. While more & more consumers have started shifting from traditional brick and mortar stores to one-click purchases, the future of E-commerce is undeniable. Our latest 2018 Viettrack report highlights important changes in shopping behaviors of consumers in digital age: they are seeking for Convenient factor in every aspect of a hustle & bustle life.

The 2018 Viettrack report was conducted in 9/2018 on 269 respondents from INTAGE’s MOBILE PANEL.

Just one step away from the insightful report of one of the most fastest growing industries, click the download button below to get the full version, or contact us at: for more research queries.

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