Consumers’ reaction towards the 6th Japan Vietnam Festival in HCMC

To the Vietnamese people, Japan has never been an old topic. Globally famous for their long-built historical cultures and well-trained manners, more and more Vietnamese nowadays bare a significant interest and admiration towards the people from the land of the Sun. Rapidly catching up with this mindset, several authorities and private sponsors decided to tighten the bonds with Japan and established multiple Japanese-related events/ festivals in the past few years, one of which is Japan – Vietnam festival (by LOTUS Group). Let’s take a look at how the Vietnamese think about this particular event which was successfully held on 19th and 20th January of 2019.

Panel source: INTAGE Mobile Panel

Target: Ho Chi Minh city, from 18-year-old

Recruitment stage: 300 people (Male 136 people, Female 164 people)

Evaluation stage: 68 people (Male 32 people, Female 36 people)

Area: Ho Chi Minh city

Research timing: Recruitment: 15th – 18th Jan – Evaluation: 21st – 24th Jan 2019

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