Qualitative Research
At INTAGE VN, we are passionate about the art of conversation – whether in-person, digital or social.  We have years of experience in obtaining deep insights through genuine rapport.  Our qualitative experts are adept at utiizing creative methods, projective techniques and emerging technologies to uncover the key attitudes and motivations of your target.

Traditional Qualitative Methods:

Focus group discussion
In-home visit
In-depth interview


Online Qualitative Methods:

Online Video FGD

Whether it is 1-to-1 or group interview, FGD has never been easier as respondents can stay home and still be able to deliver quality discussion with us via online video calls.

Chat box – Bulletin board

We also provide chat box/bulletin board where respondents can freely input their opinions. Various option of custommized icons/ stickers to help users’express emotions in an effective way.

Digital Diary

Keep fresh updates from respondents with our online diary solution. With only one single URL, now respondents can keep us notified of their actions anytime, anywhere.

Quantitative Research
INTAGE VN measures markets & consumers’ behaviors across industries and categories by offering variety of methodologies and practical solutions.
We integrate information and transform data into strategic insights and tailor-made recommendations.
We analyze and advise about complex issues for winning business decisions.

⚙️ UA & Marketing Mix Evaluation
⚙️ Segmentation
⚙️Business Intelligence
⚙️ Brand Health/ Brand Tracking
⚙️ Norm test – Concept/ Product/ Packaging/ Communication
⚙️ Post-campaign evaluation

⚙️ Customer Satisfaction
⚙️ Mystery shopping
⚙️ Shopper behavior and insights
⚙️ Retail census
⚙️ Customized Retail Audit

Traditional Quantitative Methods:

Door-to-door Interview (D2D)

Intercept Interview

Telephone Interview

Central Location test (CLT)

Home Used test (HUT)

Tablet Survey (TAPI)

Online Quantitative Methods:

CLT Online
Central location test online has never been easier. Products can be prepared and shipped to respondent’s home by INTAGE professionally well-trained shippers. Then respondents and interviewers can interact through multiple sources of online platforms that is guaranteed to be as effective as real life CLT to do evaluation.

HUT Online
By shipping product to respondent’s home along with detailed instructions, INTAGE can keep track with respondent opinions and actions via our online diary and follow-up (telephone/ videos) calls everyday. Such a handy and effortless way to test your product.


Distribution Audit

Distribution compliances is a hard challenge for every brand. We offer clients customized audit solutions up to the minute information, to control all retail standards and customer’s experiences with their brands.

  • Retail Compliance

  • Distribution & Stock Count

Merchandising Check

If your brands is not on the shelf, that’s a missed sales opportunity. We help you to grab every shelf-shares at retails (especially in MT channels) with a well-trained & well collated merchandising team.

  • Visual & Display


  • POSM compliance

Experiential Activities

We are passionate about creating highly targeted, customer-focused experiential marketing activities and events that deliver real results for our clients.

  • Events/ Activation/ Roadshows

  • Sampling

  • Call center



  • Staff & Service Evaluation


We understand the importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced automotive landscape. we combine rigorous methodologies with expert analysis to deliver actionable insights that drive success in the ever-evolving automotive industry. Five common research methods designed to provide you with a competitive edge.

Car Clinic: This research service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their pre-launch car’s market appeal thanks to conducting actual vehicle evaluation. Our meticulous survey and evaluation offer valuable insights, helping identify potential sales sources, USPs, optimum pricing, and promotional strategies for gaining a competitive advantage.

Pre-launch Survey: Gauge customer evaluations of new car models before they hit the market. Understand the unique selling points (USPs) of your models and determine the target customer as well as suggesting strategies in terms of marketing mix for successful launches.

Early-bird Survey: This survey targets the early-bird purchasers of newly launched models. By studying customer profiles, decision-making processes, usage patterns, and satisfaction levels with their recent purchase, we gain insights for enhancing further marketing activities and improving the next generation of cars.

Satisfaction Survey: Our call center methodology assesses customer satisfaction post-purchase, covering aspects such as product usage, customer service experiences, and post-purchase services like maintenance and repairs. Gather valuable feedback to enhance the overall customer experience.

Brand Health Check: Our annual brand health check evaluates brand awareness, brand image, and usage patterns, providing a comprehensive overview of the market landscape. Make informed brand management decisions based on attitudes towards different car brands and models.


What we’re known for.


We integrate the newest technologies in the industry with advanced
research models to handle data faster with more flexibility.
We aim to provide Clients not only a common research but also an
intelligent way to achieve their goals.


INTAGE is supported by human resources who have vast experience & expertise in data analysis & strong proficiency in marketing. Our experts work tirelessly to provide the best solutions which are agile, connected & decision focused.


We employ quality, logic & plausibility checks throughout the entire process which is conducted by an Independent QC Team. At INTAGE Vietnam, Clients only get reliable, decision-ready data that they can count on.


15+ years
In-house Fieldwork team with experience
in Healthcare segment.
100+ projects
over the past 15 years in Vietnam.
2,000 Pharmacists
to be interviewed in both Qualitative and
Quantitative projects.
2,500 Doctors
to be interviewed in Healthcare projects
500+ partners
nationwide in our Doctor panel.

sector in Vietnam

We offer various
Healthcare research services

Bring real & thoughtful local insights to provide ‘up to the minute’ understanding of the evolving competitive, consumer
context & challenges in marketing process, from formulation of a strategy to the verification of its effectiveness.

U &A study
Concept test
Advertising test
Product test
Brand health check
Business Intelligence
Customer satisfaction
Mystery shopping
Marketing mix test

In-depth interview
Face to face interview
Focus group discussion

Atrial fibrillation
Bipolar disorder
Diabetes type 2
Hepatitis B
Pain management

Medicated oil
Personal care products
Oral care products
Supplement products (Vitamin, nutrition milk, functional foods..)
Medical devices
Vaccines (cervical cancer, chicken pox, Hepatitis B..)

Cardiologists Ob/gyn doctors
Dentist Oncologist
ENT Orthopedics surgeon
Endocrinologists Pediatrician
Hematologist Psychiatrist
Internist Pulmonologist
ICU doctor Respiratory therapist
GP Rheumatologist

Hospital pharmacist
Retailed pharmacist


Ob/gyn doctors
Orthopedics surgeon
Respiratory therapist

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