Consumer Confidence Index predicts spending or saving patterns through consumers’ expectations of the current state of the economy as the indicator.

INTAGE’s Vietnam Confidence Index is conducted on a monthly basis to measure Vietnamese people’s perceptions of the current personal economic situation as well as their anticipation of the future outcomes of Vietnam’s macroeconomy. Essentially, consumers’ attitudes and buying intentions can be somewhat projected through their confidence level: the more confident people feel about the stability of their incomes, the more likely they are to maintain or increase their spending patterns.


As household SEC continues to tumble, individual perception has also improved from a mild decline, compared to the previous month. On the other hand, projection for future situation is looking up, which lays out an interesting point: people’s outlook in their individual state is inversely proportional to the macroeconomy.
Alternatively, breakdowns of categories (such as location, gender, occupation and age) show distinct results that greatly differ between attributes within a category.
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