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For any business in this emerging era, consumers always play the core element behind every success and it is, indeed, a big must for each marketer to fully understand and feel the beat of their targets. For that reason, market research takes on this responsibility in lending a hand for any strategic marketing plan to better reach for our dearest consumers. Yet, it stays a tremendous challenge as marketers might find themselves stumbling upon some of these concerns with traditional research:

• Needs of urgent research result with high turn-around rate, in which traditional research is not usually capable of.
• Needs of approaching young consumers pool with online behaviors who are sometimes scattered and difficult to access for traditional research.
• Needs of more budget-friendly options for short-term plan

Taking your concerns into account, with more than 15 years listening and understanding the voice of our dearest clients, INTAGE VN proudly introduce our online research solution under the name of INTAGE Mobile Panel to hereby bring you yet another research option for your better experience working with us.

Worried about the “inaccuracy” in online research? There is no need to question your data quality, because our smart system will help you prevent any intention of cheating or insecurity.

Proud to be one of the first companies to reach 2 million users across Asia, our online research application – SurveyOn – is among the top-rated applications thanks to its high-capability and convenience for new users.

Data quality is a must, but clearly not the complete factor. At INTAGE, we also care about our customer’s experience with post-analysis reports. Instead of the traditional long and dry report, try out our latest style with Power BI and you will find reading numbers has never been this enjoyable.

INTAGE VN is trying our best every day to create new values to offer. Hence, while AMP is playing at the core service, we also provide other technological solutions as well to create the “Ecosystem” of AMP-centric service.

Looking further into a brighter future, INTAGE in general and Mobile Panel in specific, is much more than just being passionate about bringing the most competitive solutions to our dearest customers. So why not hop on our boat of online research and let us bring you to the success of your business?

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