Confidentiality Policy

INTAGE Vietnam strictly applied International Standards about Market Research Practices, undertakes strict observation of the working process pursuant to ISO 20252 – standardization exclusively for market research.

1. Strictly comply with Code of Conduct of Social Marketing & Research
• All commissioned projects requires NDA signing between INTAGE & Clients & third party if any
• All projects requires NDA signing between INTAGE & respondents or interviewees or third party if any
• All full time & part time staff of INTAGE are required to sign NDA to ensure the confidentiality in operation.

2. Strictly apply ISO 20252 Standard for market research
• All operations are conducted complying with ISO 20252 Standard with high commitment for confidentiality
• All staff are well trained about the importance of confidentiality with market research
• Quality management Director has periodical supervision & ad hoc checking the confidentiality compliance.

3. Well organized supervision on confidentiality compliance

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