How do Vietnamese people give GIFTS to each other?

by | May 17, 2021 | Reports

Vietnamese people like giving a gift to each other. So what do they give to whom?

INTAGE Vietnam has conducted a quick poll on the behavior of the Vietnamese people on the gift culture through our AMP (Asia Mobile Panel). Let’s take a look on the result!

Some highlighted findings:

– Gift’s key qualities very much depend on the receiver type.
– For each type of receiver, the gifts will have different attributes.
– Gifts for special occasions are being thought of as much as 4 weeks before the date.
– Even though most of the time the gifts are being scouted in physical stores, many of them are also being purchased online.
– Consumers don’t just think about buying gifts for others: they buy for themselves too.
– Women, surprisingly, care more about practicality than men when they buy gifts for themselves.

Research details:

Panel source: INTAGE Mobile Panel
Target: Male & female 18-45 years old
Sample size: N = 330
Area: HCMC & Hanoi
Fieldwork timing: May 2021

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