The 4th strike of COVID-19 outbreak in 2021: how it has affected the Vietnamese consumers’ lifestyle?

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Reports

Some highlighted findings:


  • More than 75% of working people have completely lost or reduced their income in the past 4 months, both HCMC and Hanoi
  • Despite having to stay at home for a long time, 68% of people think that as long as they don’t get COVID-19 and have enough food, they’ll be fine.
  • Although the epidemic situation is less severe, the anxiety about infection and the economy of Hanoians is always as high as, or even higher than, that of HCMC people.
  • Digital transformation has taken place strongly, many activities are performed by consumers for the first time, such as buying grocery online, paying online, using frozen food, more functional foods and actively participating in online classes, online events. In which, online payment, use of internet/mobile banking and use of supplements are intended to be maintained by consumers after the epidemic.
  • Majority of people (about 70%) are optimistic that Vietnam can control the outbreak within 2021, possibly by the end of the year.
  • People’s desire when the social distancing is over is quite simple: to visit family/parents, to go to work, and to go out to eat.

Research details:

Panel source: INTAGE Mobile Panel
Target: Male/ female 18-45 years old
Sample size: N = 314
Area: HCMC & Hanoi
Fieldwork timing: Aug-Sep 2021

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