Data Visualization

A visual summary of data that allows insights and enables analysis of the current business situation based on client’s data to attain a comparative outlook on the performance of each operational point.

Introduction to Data Visualization



To sort according to level of granularity of preference and get multi-angular perspective



Informative picture of the whereabouts of your source of profit



Apposite visual summaries aim to forecast demanded inputs, prepare inventories, predict closed sales, etc. 


How can your business benefit from Dviz?


Multi-perspective viewpoint

Various perspectives of current business situation and customer-oriented understandings to recognize potentiality of market and drive decisions.


Better operational activities

Develop a business strategy that is befitting to surrounding marketplace’s qualities (e.g. customer segmentation…)


Effectual management system

Comparison of performance of each operation units presented in a comprehensive way paints an all-inclusive picture to actionable areas.

A Sample Dashboard

This dashboard is created by using PBI to serve the purpose of showing Vietnamese consumers’ perspectives about the near-future scenario. The data is collected by INTAGE VN from Asian Panel monthly.